About Us

Red & White LogoThank you for visiting the home of Red & White Unite, the Melbourne Heart Supporters Association! Below you’ll find an overview of who we are, what we are doing and more importantly how you can get involved!

Who we are:

Red & White Unite is the identity of the Melbourne Heart Supporters Association. We are an independent, fan driven community dedicated to the growth of both Melbourne Heart and Australian Football.

Why Red & White Unite:

What’s in a name? We think quite a lot. Red & White Unite symbolizes our desire to unite all Melbourne Heart fans under the one banner. When you think Melbourne Heart we want people to think of a collective community united under the banner of Red & White.

What is our goal:

Our aim is to create a vibrant and passionate community to support the Heart and Australian Football. By joining Red & White Unite you are adding your individual passion and enthusiasm to the fabric of this community.

Our relationship with the club:

The club has committed to Melbourne Heart being a club that is ‘ran by the fans, for the fans’. To ensure this becomes reality rather than just a catchphrase, we have established a close working relationship with the club built on mutual respect and striving towards common goals whilst ensuring we maintain our independence and represent the views of the fans.

What we are working on:

We’ve got a lot of great ideas and below you’ll see some of the things we are working on. If you want to be involved please get in touch, we’d love your to hear your ideas!

Online Presence

These days, news travels fast – and it’s important for us to be as present as much as possible to ensure we reach out to as many people as possible. You can find us online in a number of ways:

Functions, Functions and more Functions

Whether it’s pre/post game functions, important overseas games or just getting together with like minded people to celebrate Football and the Heart, Red & White Unite will be running regular functions. Of course one of the benefits of having a close relationship with the club is being able to arrange club personalities to attend our Functions. We’ve already had the likes of John Van’t Schip attend our functions and this is just a sign of things to come.

Home and Away

- We will make the journey from the Imperial Hotel to AAMI Park every home match and have our away matches shown on the screens at the Imperial Hotel every match of the year.
- For every Heart Fan, there will be drink and food specials pre-game for both home and away matches.

Regional Support

We share the club’s belief that regional areas have a great deal to offer Melbourne Heart and Football in general. We want to capitalise on this potential and at the moment we are actively seeking out interested parties to setup regional branches of Red & White Unite.

We are hopeful that these regional branches will have access to club personalities for local functions as well cheap travel arrangements to home games.

Giving back to the Community

Red & White Unite is committed to giving back to local communities. It’s been proven that Football has the ability to empower people to overcome the toughest social issues and we are very keen to use our passion for Football in a positive fashion.

We are in discussions with a variety of organisations to discuss ways in which Red & White Unite can contribute. Every member will be given the opportunity to be involved in these community-focused projects.

Establishing a home for Heart fans

One of Melbourne’s oldest pubs, the Imperial Hotel has opened their doors to all Heart supporters and has already provided us with great deal of support. The Imperial has great food, great drink and an excellent TV setup, perfect for watching Football.

On match days we’ll be able to meet at the Imperial before the game and march to AAMI Park, united under the Red & White. It’s also perfectly suited for all of our functions with its central location and close proximity to public transport.

The Imperial. It’s a home for Heart; it’s a home for Football; It’s a home for you.

Promoting the Heart

We are committed to making Melbourne Heart the best-supported club in the A-League. Currently we are working at building awareness for the Heart and encouraging people to consider purchasing a membership by targeting grassroots Football communities and social media networks.

When do we meet:

We have monthly meets at the Imperial Hotel on the first Wednesday of every month from 7.30pm onwards. It’s a great opportunity to meet up with fellow Heart fans and discuss the happenings around the club and football in general.

Our structure:

Red & White Unite is a registered incorporated association and as such we have a requirements to have a committee who meet once a month to discuss the direction and goals of the association.

On a day-to-day basis though we are all just supporters and everyone has the opportunity to make their voice heard.

How to get involved:

The first step is to sign up to our website and start contributing through things like the groups and forums. Secondly and most importantly is to come along to one of our monthly meets. There is absolutely no substitute for meeting your fellow supporters face to face and really becoming a part of Red & White Unite.

We invite you to join us and become a part of Red & White Unite, the official Melbourne Heart Supporters Association!