Ooh aah, our best win by far?

Written by Hayden - The Big Heart

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Melbourne Heart’s last gasp home win over Sydney FC last Friday was memorable for many reasons. How many were on your list?

  • The team proved for the first time it can go a goal and a man down and still bounce back to win (happy to be proven wrong!)
  • Germano played a full game and what a difference he made all round, not to mention scoring a goal (but what’s with the goatee?)
  • Ooh aah Engelaar showed his class and midfield muscle, before that tackle led to his early dismissal (straight red or not? Let the debate continue but we won anyway)
  • Captain Kewell’s summer haircut
  • The Aziz of old returned to give the Sydney defence plenty of scares
  • The Heart showed a Friday night TV audience what we are capable of, despite our results this season, and Yarraside put on a great display too
  • ADP does make mistakes and can’t turn every game around, even though we gave the Sky Blues a one man advantage
  • Kisnorbo’s nose bandage
  • Williams’ sensational late run and finish, a classic replay moment if ever there was one!
  • Former players can still be useful. It was Garcia who flicked the ball on for Williams to go on his run
  • Never before has a second win of the season after 17 games felt so good. We are still cemented to the bottom of the ladder but we all deserved a night where we felt like we’d won a cup final!

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